About Us


Bed bugs are a nuisance! Anyone who’s had them would willfully agree. Slay the Bugs started after my own long and tiring battle with bed bugs at home. It started with one. Then ten. Then another room. Until every room in our upstairs was infested! We tried everything from organic, all-natural sprays to chemical-filled solutions and invasive fumigation. My family was at their wit’s end with each sleepless night over those 6 months. That’s when we discovered Convectex. Inexpensive, non-toxic, and DIY sounded too good to be true, but within one weekend the bed bugs were slayed and have never been heard from since! We had to travel quite far for our bed bug heat equipment and wondered, why isn’t there a close rental option in Los Angeles? We at Slay the Bugs understand first-hand how stressful and frustrating it can be dealing with bed bug situation—and that’s why we have everything you need including detailed manuals and 24-hour support to help you SLAY THOSE BUGS!


Bed Bug Heater Rental